City Library cultural institute and documentation centre Lazzerini of Prato  Region of Tuscany Regional hub for intercultural documentation

Regional hub for intercultural documentation


The Regional intercultural and documentation centre designs services for libraries, schools and associations present in Tuscany.
The project was set up in 2003 and financed by the Region of Tuscany in conjunction with Prato Council. It is managed by the Lazzerini cultural and documentation Institute of Prato.
The regional intercultural documentation complex was set up to offer a number of services to public libraries in Tuscany and to library networks, including:
- specialised material on immigration and intercultural communication, aimed in particular at intercultural libraries
- book loans in the languages of migrant communities to libraries, schools and associations
- training for academics and intercultural workers
- consultancy for local intercultural projects in local libraries and throughout the Tuscan library network.

The documentation Centre and the Regional Centre of Services for Children and Teens at Campi Bisenzio, situated between Prato and Florence, carry out annual intercultural reading programs for young members of the community.
Scaffale circolante

Circulating Shelf: loan service in language publications, addressed to libraries, schools, associations in Tuscany.